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Committed to Serving the People! is a non-profit private initiative that creates a database presenting a comprehensive resource on Ethiopian laws by also emphasizing on accessibility of laws enacted by federating states of Ethiopia. Situated in the horn of Africa, Ethiopia is a home to 100 million people with a diverse ethnic background. Due to this article 1 and 47(1) of the 1995 Constitution of Ethiopia has introduced a federalism form of government composed of nine federating state governments. Accordingly, both the federal government of Ethiopia and the nine federating state governments in Ethiopia have legislative mandates pursuant to article 52 and 55 of the Constitution. Therefore, Ethiopian legal system is composed of legal norms enacted by all the federal and state governments in order to govern persons and/or conducts within their respective territorial and legislative jurisdictions. Accordingly, a number of proclamations, regulations and directives are enacted by different organs of the governments with the objective of creating a new legal norm, or of amending or repealing existing legal norms in the legal system.

These laws, enacted both by the federal and state governments, must be rendered accessible to the people they are meant to govern so as to create a law abiding and civic minded citizens. Besides, stakeholders who are directly or indirectly engaged in their practical application, both in the federal and state governments, should also get access to the laws in order to have a solid legal knowledge needed to uphold rule of law and nurture the development of democratic and accountable governance.

However, finding Ethiopian federal and state government laws that are applicable to a particular circumstance in a particular jurisdiction has proven to be a big challenge to the public and the stakeholders (such as law students and teachers, judges and public prosecutors, researchers and public employees and appointees who are in charge of interpreting and enforcing laws). More so, having access to the laws of the nine federating state governments is a Herculean task even for law practitioners.

Relatively speaking, the public and the practitioners have a better access to federal laws than federating state laws. Perhaps, the federal government relatively did better in publicizing its laws than the states did. Nevertheless, uneven access to the federal and state laws may also be attributed to the fact that law school curriculum and course delivery is mainly guided by federal laws without specializations in federating states’ laws despite the fact that most of them end up being employed in the federating states to apply the laws of the states upon their graduation.

Be that as it may, the bottom line is that access to the laws of the federating states is very poor. Accordingly, this website aims at creating access to the laws of Ethiopia’s federating states. This, however, should not mean that that federal laws are not presented in this website. In fact, some laws legislated by the federal government (such as Ethiopian Constitution, criminal law and commercial law) are also applicable in the regional states. Thus, federal laws are also presented in this website.

Accordingly, presents resources, such as Ethiopian federal and regional state laws, FDRE cassation rulings, scholarly works and Index, law training materials, law forms and law statistics.

The website heavily relies on volunteers. Accordingly, your support in providing materials and other forms of assistance to make the website is strongly appreciated. To give us comments, law materials and other forms of assistance, please contact us via our address.

We hope you benefit from the access you get through the contents of this website!