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This website is founded and run by Mr. Manaye A. Shagrdi, who is a private attorney and senior lecturer of law at Jimma University. Mr. Dula B. Buli, who is an ICT Network Team Leader at Jimma University and a manager of D-Tech PLC, has also made an immense contribution to the launching of this website by volunteering in the design and development of the webpage.

Many law professionals and law students have also helped in collecting legislations and scholarly works that appear on this website. Although their names is not listed here, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation on behalf of the people who get access to those legislations and scholarly works due to their support. The quality and comprehensiveness of materials rendered accessible via this website is hugely dependent upon volunteers like these. Therefore, we cordially invite all of you to support our endeavor by submitting legislations and scholarly works via our address.

Manaye A. Shagrdi (LL.B., LL.M.)
Founder and Chief Editor of the Website
Private Attorney and Senior Lecturer of Law at Jimma University
Founder and Former Director of Jimma University Legal Aid Center
Member of 100 World Young Leaders (WD 2013)